Series III

From $ 1,249,000 /**






External Size



*ROS measures the efficiency of space utilization, indicating the percentage of an elevator's footprint that is returned as usable cabin space.

**Price before customisation, excluding taxes and fees. Subject to change.

Less is More


Zero excavation means no dust, no insect habitats, and no need for special reinforcements. Simple installation, clean, and efficient


Allowing direct elevator access to your top floor,  freeing up space for whatever you envision.

Support Less

Self-supporting design that preserves your home's open feel. With 360-degree panoramic views


Ascend with Less, Descend with None: Nibav's Powerless Elegance. No extra power, just smart, sustainable elevation.

Your Home's Safe Extension: Designed with You in Mind

Nibav elevators blend seamlessly with your home, prioritizing safety and simplicity for all ages. Built for families, they intuitively cater to every user—ensuring your elevator is an extension of your home's warmth and care.

World's first home elevators

With zero visible screws or rivets

Immerse yourself in seamless elegance with our Zero Visible Screws. Every aspect of your lift is meticulously crafted to perfection, ensuring a sleek and flawless appearance without any unsightly screws disrupting the aesthetic harmony.

Our Lifetime Promise

Carbon Seal

The carbon seal is a critical component that ensures smooth and efficient operation of your lift, providing a barrier against dust, debris, and moisture to protect the internal mechanisms. With our lifetime warranty, you can have complete confidence in the durability and performance. Whether it's preserving the integrity of your lift's mechanisms or enhancing the longevity of your investment, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unwavering.


Redefine reliability with cutting-edge, energy-efficient motor technologies. By significantly reducing motor load, we've extended the life of our elevators, ensuring they're a seamless, maintenance-free part of your home. Trust in Nibav's commitment to innovation and sustainability for a smooth, worry-free journey every time.

What More

Nibav Lifts elevators are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enhance performance, efficiency, and safety.

Auto Return

Personalized elevator readiness by allowing users to preset their elevator's home floor. Say goodbye to waiting, your elevator is always where you need it

Glow Cabin Ambiance

Soft lighting and silent airflow blend to craft a serene elevator experience. Step into comfort with every journey, enveloped in a glow that soothes and air that refreshes

Precision Landing Leavers

Every stop is flawless, thanks to PLL that keep the cabin stable, regardless of load changes. The integrated LSS - Landing Suspension System ensures each landing is impact-free, delivering a seamless and comfortable ride, every time

Unbreakable Glass

Polycarbonate glass 250 times stronger than classic glass. Positioned at the heart of your home, they're designed to endure, eliminating the worry of breakage from daily activities or accidental impacts

Head unit

Nibav lifts have a head unit on top of the shaft. The headroom of Nibav lifts is 2639 mm or 103.8 in.

Built In

The motor is ingeniously integrated atop the elevator itself. This sleek design not only saves precious space, eliminating the need for a separate machine room. 2749 mm - Head Room, 62 decibels - Mirroring the hush of a library

2749 mm

Head Room

62 decibels

Mirroring the hush of a library


This innovative solution allows the motor to be positioned away from the elevator shaft, offering a perfect fit for homes with limited overhead space. 2449 mm - Head Room 60 decibels - Mirroring the hush of a library

2449 mm

Head Room

60 decibels

Mirroring the hush of a library

Unmatched Safety in Every Ride

Discover the pinnacle of elevator safety with Nibav: where advanced technology ensures your peace of mind in every ascent and descent.

Nibav Fits Perfectly in Historic to Contemporary Homes.

Hybrid Construction

Crafted from a refined blend of engineered aluminium, robust galvanized steel, and sleek polycarbonate, Nibav Elevators redefine structural elegance. Our hybrid construction ensures a lightweight yet durable design. This allows seamless installation in any setting, including penthouses, vintage homes.

72% ROS (Return of Space)

Whether nestled in a cozy corner or making a statement in the center of your home, we offer an impressive 72% cabin space utilization from the elevator's footprint.

Plug & Elevate Power System

Operating on standard single-phase power, It's as simple as plug-and-play. Just like your microwave, fridge, or washing machine, all it requires is a plug point with stabilized power.

FlexFit Bracket System

Elevate any space in your home, whether in your living room or bedroom. Supported by our unique bracket system for seamless installation, our brackets also serve as vital earthquake safeguards.

LaserFit Precision Covers

Nibav elevators blend seamlessly into your home, thanks to our Laser-Perfect Finish Covers. Designed to cover every gap with precision, these covers showcase our dedication to detail and perfection.

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